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The Russian Ministry of Health explained how to conduct telemedical consultations

The Ministry of Health came forward with an explanation of some provisions of the Order of rendering medical assistance using telemedicine technologies (hereinafter - the Procedure).

Thus, telemedicine is not a separate type of medical activity, but only a technology used in the conduct of medical activities. Therefore, medical assistance - even with the use of telemedicine - should be provided in accordance with the procedures for its provision and on the basis of medical care standards. Consequently, medical organizations that, on the basis of a relevant license, provide medical assistance "with telemedicine" must comply with licensing requirements, including the relevant equipment standards, and provide the necessary premises, communication facilities and equipment for the conduct of the consultation. In other words, the physician can provide telemedicine services only from his workplace, which equips with the license requirement, and using only the equipment of the medical organization (letter No. 18-2 / 0579 of the Ministry of Health of Russia on April 9, 2018).

Telemedicine services can only be provided by physicians "registered" in the Federal Register of Medical Workers who work exclusively in the medical organization named in the Federal Register of Medical Organizations (both registries are subsystems of the UGISZ).

Any violation of the above rules can be interpreted as a violation of the procedures for the provision of medical care, that is, a gross violation of license requirements, which entails administrative liability under Art. 14.1 or art. 19.20 of the Administrative Code.