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In Vladivostok Patients' School will be held dedicated to international Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On October 8, at Vladivostok clinical hospital No. 2 Patients' School will be held dedicated to one of the most common tumors in women - breast cancer. The event will take place as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a global initiative of the World Health Organization.

According to various sources, breast cancers contribures 15 to 20% of all malignant neoplasms. In the Primorsky Territory, more than 700 new cases are diagnosed every year. In 2012, 5600 women are registered with this diagnosis.

The government makes significant efforts to control cancer. In 2012, the new Federal Law "On the basis of public health protection" came into effect developed to reform the system of medical care in the country, large-scale national programs are implemented: "Healthcare Development", "Prevention and Control of Socially Significant Diseases", the National cancer program and the National Project "Health". Recently, the draft "Strategy to promote healthy lifestyles" was brought up for discussion, which main task is to reduce morbidity and mortality from non-communicable diseases including cancer. Despite this, the situation in Russia can not be considered problem-free. Experts note the lowest five-year survival rate among Russian patients with breast cancer – only 57%, while in the USA it is equal to 90%, 82% in Britain, and 86% in Finland.

To improve the situation, an integrated approach has to be used to solve problems and effectively control this disease. The implementation of prevention programs and programs for early detection of cancer, such as regular examinations and screening, is very important. Another important aspects is accuracy of diagnosis. Some breast cancer types does not respond to standard therapy. For example, every fifth patient with breast cancer has one of the most aggressive types – HER2-positive disease, which is characterized by rapid growth and spread. The effectiveness of treatment directly depends on timely and correct diagnosis. A particularly important aspect is the accessability of treatment, taking into account the latest advances in medicine. According to American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the timely and adequate treatment has allowed increasing the 5-year survival in the European countries implementing programs for early use of new drugs by 14-19%, the overall cancer mortality was reduced by 30%.

In 2012, the non-profit partnership "Equal Right to Life" together with the Interregional Public Movement "Movement Against Cancer" conducted a survey of "The accessability of cancer care in Russia for patients with breast cancer." The respondents were 260 patients with breast cancer (aged 26 to 90 years, residents of 11 regions of the country) and 197 experts - employees of medical institutions, research institutes, universities and health authorities.

The survey found that the treatment usually begins much later than the first visit to a doctor and the date of diagnosis; the delay averages 8-10.8 weeks. 11.6% of patients participated in the survey indicated that their doctor did not explain the strategy and tactics of treatment to them. The vast majority (76.5%) of those patients who were given explanations reported that it was made in verbal form only. 19.1% of surveyed patients indicated that they did not know what drugs are used for their treatment. 73.4% of all patients reported that they were not informed in case of replacement of prescribed original medicinal product with equivalent drug (generic).

To change this situation for the better, strengthening of measures at the state level to improve access to cancer care is urgently needed. Dmitry Borisov, who is the executive director of NP "Equal Right to Life" and Chairman of the Public Council for the Protection of Patients' Rights at Roszdravnadzor Administration in Moscow and Moscow region puts it as follows: "Once again I would like to stress the importance of an integrated approach is the treatment of cancer. Diagnosis, even using the state of the art equipment, is just the first step to a successful combatting the disease, which is impossible without qualified personnel and performing a complex treatment process, including, first of all, high-quality drug coverage."

The joint work of doctors, patients and public organizations gives certain results. In the last 10 years this situation was somewhat improved in Russia. The reduction of breast cancer mortality was made possible thanks to the introduction of new methods of treatment. This positive vector will only be strengthened if the state will not forget about the existence of such a socially significant disease as breast cancer, which can be successfully treated in 90% of cases nowadays. In this case, in the foreseeable future, thousands of patients will be able to gain the right to live free from pain and fear.

Program of Patients' School
"October: the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

10:30 Welcome address.
Speaker:  L.M. Litvinenko, Chairman of the Primorsky branch of IPM Movement Against Cancer

10:35 Medical unit: "How to live and fight cancer".
Speaker: oncologist E.A. Maliunova

11:05 Psychological unit: "How to cope with depression. Causes of cancer".
Speaker: psychologist E.V. Komova

11:35 Organizational and legal unit: "Activities of IPM Movement Against Cancer: objectives, tasks, contact information, literature, where and how to seek help".
The lecture will be delivered by L.M. Litvinenko, Chairman of the Primorsky branch of IPM Movement Against Cancer

11:50 Questions and answers. Informal communication.

Patients' School will take place on October 8 at 10:30 am at Vladivostok Clinical Hospital No.2 (57 Russkaya Street), sixth floor, Oncology Department.
For more information, please call: +7 (914) 699-56-66