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Patients' School for women with breast cancer will be held in Moscow

On October 23, at 17:00 in the conference room at the City Clinical Hospital No. 40 of the Moscow Department of Health, the Patients' School will be held, dedicated to the latest technologies of breast cancer treatment. This free outreach event is coordinated with the time of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and organized by Interregional Public Movement "Movement Against Cancer" with the support of non-profit partnership "Equal Right to Life". The purpose of the School is to provide first-hand information about the disease from leading oncologists, qualified psychologists and lawyers to patients, their families and friends. A woman must be sure that she receives the right treatment, and must feel that she is not alone in the strive to overcome the disease.

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women, every twentieth woman is susceptible to this disease in Russia. In our country, BC ranks first in the structure of cancer incidence in women: in 2013 there were more than 60,000 new cases; the total number of patients with this diagnosis exceeded half a million. The cancer "gets yonger" – more and more women of working age fall into the risk group. Moscow is not an exception, every year more than 5500 women in Moscow and 3200 in Moscow region are shocked to learn of the terrible diagnosis. However, cancer is not a death sentence, experts believe.

"Modern oncology, with its medicinal, technical and intellectual resources has reached the level, when it is absolutely real to talk about significant extension of life, improving its quality, and in some cases about full recovery of patients," said the chairman of the Executive Committee of IPM "Movement Against Cancer", member of the Public Council at the Russian Ministry of Health Nikolay Dronov.

Breast cancer is now one of the most studied and successfully treated pathologies, it can be stopped and even completely cured. The statistics is encouraging: the five-year survival rate reaches 82% in UK,86% in Finland, and 90% in the USA. This is the results of not only the effectiveness of treatment, but also a high degree of awareness and cancer vigilance in these countries.

Russian patients now have access to all the advanced technologies and necessary medicines, used in the developed world, but, unfortunately, people are often unaware of their rights and opportunities in cancer treatment. Outreach activities is the most important function of Patients' Schools, which are regularly organized and held in different cities of Russia. The main objective of the program is a comprehensive medical, psychological and legal support to each patient regardless of age, social status and place of residence.

The program of Patients' School in Moscow:
• At the opening of Patients' School, words of welcome will be spoken by Mikhail Dmitrievich Ter-Ovanesov, doct. med. sci., chief oncologist of the Moscow Department of Health, deputy head physician of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 40, professor at the Department of Oncology and Hematology of the NI Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University and chief researcher at the FSCC PHOI n.a. Dmitry Rogachev.
• During the medical unit of the School, Mikhail Ter-Ovanesov and oncologist, Assistant of the Department of Oncology at Russian Medical Academy for Post-Graduate Education (RMAPO), cand. med. sci. Irina Vladimirovna Kolyadina will talk about the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of breast cancer patients.
• During the psychological unit of the School, Irina Valentinovna Morkovkina, cand. med. sci., psychiatrist, psychotherapist, coordinator of social projects of the IPM "Movement Against Cancer", will cover the psychological aspects of rehabilitation and treatment of women with breast cancer.
• During the social and legal unit of the School, Nikolay Petrovich Dronov, chairman of the executive committee of IPM "Movement Against Cancer", deputy executive director of non-profit partnership "Equal Right to Life" (lagal issues), member of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Health and member of the Public Council for the Protection of Patients' Rights at Roszdravnadzor will cover organizational issues of receiving health care and social protection of cancer patients.

After lectures, participants of Patients' School will have an opportunity to ask questions to experts and get recommendations on individual cases.

Patients' School will be held in the conference room of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 40 of the Moscow Department of Health
Moscow, Kasatkin street, 7.

How to get there: gkb40.com/kontakt.shtml
Travel: metro station "VDNKh", trolley-bus 14 or 76 to stop "Boris Galushkin street" or tram 11 to stop "Yaroslavskaya street", passage between the gray houses.

Date and time: October 23, 2014 (Thursday).
The event starts at 17:00
The entrance is free

Free consultation of oncologists and onco-hematologists
Federal hotline
Call free in Russia

Patients' School is one of the information and educational projects for cancer patients and their relatives implemented by the interregional public movement "Movement Against Cancer" with the support of non-profit partnership "Equal Right to Life" in different regions of Russia since 2009. Schools are held with the participation of experts from leading specialized medical institutions, representatives of health authorities, public organizations, psychologists, lawyers. Starting from 2011, Patients' Schools are also conducted on the Internet in real time. For more information please visit the website "Equal Right to Life" www.ravnoepravo.ru