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OMS System: focus on the patient

Multimedia round table: "OMC system: focus on the patient".

OMS System: focus on the patient


- Kirill RODIN, Head of Social Policy and Communication Technologies at VCIOM;

- Deputy Chairman of the Federal Fund for Mandatory Medical Insurance Elena SCHUCHKOVA;

- Expert Consultant of the Executive Committee of the Movement for Cancer Movement, Andrei LEBEDEV;

- Director General of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry ZHURAVLEV.

During the event, the results of the poll on the attitude of the population to the CHI system will be highlighted. The evaluation of the work of the Institute of Insurance Representatives by citizens will be presented, the need to increase the level of quality control of medical services and responsibility for one's own health is examined. Also, we will talk about the prospects for the development of the CHI system.



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