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Fly amanita, kerosene and self-hypnosis

Today's disorder of the Russian health care system, bureaucracy, queues and shortages of medicines – that is why patients distrust traditional medicine. Not only hopeless patients who cling to the unrealistic promises turn to healers and quacks, but also those who, according to doctors, have good chances to recover.

Recipes of decoctions and extracts of herbs and mushrooms of varying degrees of toxicity win over by its long history. Those who advocate the rejection of medical care and assure that one can be cured by means used in the days of our grandfathers, advertise their expertise in precisely this way: they say that our grandfathers and great-grandparents in the villages used to make extracts from fly amanita, tightly packing these mushrooms into a glass jar and burying it for a month at one meter depth. And then the mushroom juice was diluted with "good" vodka and taken three times a day for ten days in a row. And everyone recovered! The same drug, allegedly verified during centuries, is promoted today. And people are really going to collect fly amanita, and bury them in the ground. Or buy the ready to use product from traditional healers, who inherited the recipe from the village healers.

There are many websites and references for the preparation of anticancer drugs on the Internet. These recipes are also published in printed literature. And, theoretically, can be beneficial. Many modern drugs are actually made on the basis of herbs extracts, but the benefit of their use was tested. This has nothing to do with a potato flowers decoction, which healers call an "old and effective recipe". The same relates to mushroom fungus infusion. Not to mention the consumption of kerosene mixed with sunflower oil and vodka, three times a day for ten days, with a complete ban on the simultaneous use of anticancer drugs.

Not all oncologists categorically deny potential benefits of alternative medicine. They just explain that they can not say for sure that these methods are ineffective in 100% of cases. The point is that their action has not been studied sufficiently, because no one conducted clinical trials. Perhaps, under certain circumstances, the medicine made from fly amanita or a frog will help one of a dozen or a hundred of patients. And it is good. But several hundred others will opt to reject classical treatment for possible anomalies.

A clinical trial, which allow drawing objective conclusions about the effectiveness of a drug or a method is an expensive and complicated procedure. Drug companies pay for it, so that to patent a medicine if it is proved to be efficient. And if at least one out of a hundred of tested substances yields positive results, all the money spent by a company will pay off.

It is pharmacists who are hated by "folk healers" most of all. They curse them for allegedly suppression of information about magic cures against deadly diseases that everyone can find literally at his or her feet. And everyone can use them - to infuse, decoct, boil and than drink or rub in what you get - and recover. After all, if modern and expensive anticancer drugs are no longer needed, how many fat wallets will be ruined! The most dangerous thing in this dispute is the fact that patients are forced into the propaganda war at a time when they need treatment, rather than macro-economic arguments based on conspiracy theories.

After all, if fly amanita can cure cancer, they would have been patented long ago and the poison extract would be sold in pills, just like valerian or motherwort, for example. Not all patients, after hearing arguments from both sides, fully trust one of them. Many people try to combine the best from all sources. Surgery and chemotherapy are supported by infusion of vodka with sunflower oil. But it is in the best case. Some people following old-timers' advices start to swallow lead or sulphur. And in such extreme cases side-effects are unpredictable at all.

"No one has studied the interaction of folk medicines and anticancer drugs. Maybe it enhances the therapeutic effect, but maybe adversely affects it or even turns into a deadly poison. Being a doctor, I do not recommend patients subjecting themselves to experiments. And certainly I cannot give any guarantees," – Alexander Petrovsky says, who is an oncologist-surgeon at the Cancer Center on Kashirka. But there is evidence that 70% of patients around the world resort to alternative medicines in cancer treatment. Many do it in secrecy from their doctors.