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Excursion for patients to the production complex of the company BIOCAD

The event will be held on June 06, 2018

Dear friends!

One of the important tasks of MOU "Movement against cancer" is the dissemination of reliable information about safe and effective technologies for the treatment of tumors. We enthusiastically follow the successes and dynamic development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Participants of our organization will have an opportunity to visit modern, high-tech production, where necessary medicines are being created.

The St. Petersburg Regional Branch of the Movement Against Cancer MOD together with BIOCAD conducts a tour to the production complex located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg for patients and their relatives.

The excursion will take place on June 6 at 14-00 and will last 3 hours 40 minutes.


• 14:00 Departure

• 14: 45-15: 00 Arrival at BIOCAD

• 15: 00-15: 25 - Welcoming speech and excursion on the production of BIOCAD

• 15: 30-15: 50 Coffee break

• 15: 50-16: 15 Excursion to the Laboratory for Advanced Studies

• 16: 15-16: 40 Excursion to the laboratory for the development of biotechnological processes

• 16:50 Departure from BIOCAD

• 17: 30-17: 40 Arrival at the place of the initial general gathering


All additional information is available by phone 8 (905) 289-50-46


Yours faithfully,

St. Petersburg Regional Branch of the Movement against Cancer