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Dronov: prophylactic direction in combating with oncology must be priority

Prophylactic direction of the healthcare sphere in the fight against oncology should become a priority for the next few years, because anticipating the disease or identifying it at a late stage are different things. This was stated by the member of the regional headquarters of the All-Russian People's Front in Moscow, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Movement Against Cancer Nikolai Dronov.

The procedure for the early diagnosis of cancer in Moscow since early July have already covered more than 53 thousand people. Patients with abnormalities are referred to additional comprehensive examinations and, if the fears are confirmed, they will be sent for treatment to specialists.

"Making people go through a voluntary examination is a difficult task. In the same case, tens of thousands of people came. And at the same time, oncology is a common chronic disease, which is successfully treated at early stages. And those who found courage, overcame fear and prejudice and went to the early diagnostics activities - did exceptionally correctly, "he said.

Dronov believes that working with a healthy population is important and necessary: ​​"This preventive direction of our healthcare should become a priority for the coming years, because anticipating the disease or identifying it at a late stage are different things. The main thing is that this work does not remain by itself and all patients who will be diagnosed with a "malignant neoplasm" could get a referral to a specialist in a timely manner and as soon as possible get into the professional hands of oncologists, "said Dronov.

He also believes that the most important thing is not to interrupt the chain from the detection of the disease to its treatment.

"The most important task is to ensure the transfer of patients from diagnosticians, from the places where they are diagnosed, to specialized medical organizations where patients receive oncological care and in the shortest possible time. And that people understand that they are not abandoned and are in the orbit of the Ministry of Health and they are remembered by doctors and specialists, "Dronov said.

It is worth recalling that the action to detect cancer at an early stage continues. Every resident of the capital can have a free examination on Saturdays from 8:00 in the city's polyclinics.