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Donated blood will become cheaper

Head of Moscow Department of Health Leonid Pechatnikov announced plans to recalculate downward the “purchase prices” for donated blood. According to the “Medical and Social Information Agency”, the amount of compensation to donors for nutrition can be reduced from 1000 to 750 rubles and the payment of the blood itself - from the current 4000 to 1500 rubles.

In early 2012 blood transfusion stations of Moscow solved the problem of biomaterial shortage dramatically by increasing the donor's “bonus” from insignificant 500 rubles to 4000 rubles, that is 8-fold. The initiative of Moscow health care officials has caused a craze in the donor community and led to transfusion stations thousands of people who are ready to earn money donating their own blood. According to medical staff, in February and in March queues of “commercial” donors were starting to form near stations as early as at 5 AM, and most of them were students and residents of the far suburbs.

The stocks of blood, plasma, red blood cells and platelets were successfully replenished. However, this measure has caused dissatisfaction of Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development, which previously relied on the development of voluntary blood donation. For the support of blood banking, including the promotion of voluntary donation of blood and its components, 16 billion rubles were allocated from the budget from 2008 to 2011.

The Ministry does not deny that compensation for donors should be in place, but only for those donors who are registered with a particular blood transfusion station and whose biometric data are entered into a special database. These provisions are contained in the draft law on blood donation, which has already passed its first reading in the State Duma.