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A system of “primary care rooms” and the common database of cancer patient records created in Tatarstan

Residents of all districts of the Tatarstan Republic received an opportunity to be examined at local hospitals without visiting the Republican Cancer Center. According to information agency Vesti.ru, a system of the so-called “primary care rooms” is introduced in the Republic: even district hospitals now have separate rooms for examination of patients using up-to-date equipment. A physician can perform all necessary tests locally, and in case cancer is suspected – to use the Internet for referring the patient to relevant specialist in Kazan. Currently 76 “primary care rooms” are working in Tatarstan; however professional oncologists are not yet available in every such room. The doctors there are mainly surgeons with additional training.

After the common database of cancer patient records was created, the “virtual queues” became available in Tatarstan. All hospitals are connected to it. A physician at a district hospital can enter into the system date and patient's study results; following this an oncologist at the Republican Cancer Center will be able to open correspondent electronic patient record.

According to oncologists, the common database will allow to regularize lists of patients and save the paperwork carried out by medical staff. In addition, patients will no longer need to waste their time for re-examination when they are transferred from one hospital to another. Clinics providing medical services to patients can now exchange information via the Internet.