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The first medical-patient forum “Together we will be able...” Was held in Chuvashia

On February 4, during the World Cancer Day, the Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary hosted the first interregional medical patient forum “Together we will be able...”. It was attended by over 200 people - patients, health care professionals, including those from Nizhny Novgorod, representatives of public organizations, the medical community, students of the medical faculty of the Ulyanov CSU.

 The project “For the Sake of Life” - social movement of Chuvashia on organization of social and psychological rehabilitation to cancer patients – was launched within the Forum. The implementation of this project in the republic will be held with the support of the Russian public organization “League of Nation's Health” that allocated for these purposes the grant, the official portal of the Chuvash Republic reports.
The forum was opened by the chairman of the public organization “Chuvash National Women’s Council” Olga Zaitseva: “We are concerned about this issue, so today we are gathered here together in order to say for the sake of living together we will be able!”. Her words were confirmed by the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Women’s Council Charity Fund Larisa Ignatieva: “This day was probably chosen for a reason. Today is not a holiday, we are gathered together to control cancer, to protect each other and ourselves. Cancer is not a death sentence. It can be dealt with. This can be overcome. But for this we should be together”.
 Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development of the Chuvash Republic Nailya Zinetullina: “Currently about 23 thousand patients with cancer are registered in the republic. Think about it, it's almost 2% of the population of the Chuvash Republic. Each year new cases of this disease are registered, we record growth, partly due to the fact that the material-technical base of medical institutions is improved, modern medical equipment is supplied, which allows us diagnosing cancer at early stages. In addition, the demographic situation in the republic has improved as well - we began to live longer, at the average we live to 71 year. The number of elderly, long-livers increased - that is people just live to cancer”. Nailya Zinatullina reported that the plans of the Ministry of Health of the Chuvash Republic include further development of rehabilitation services and palliative care to cancer patients. “We will not leave them alone with their problem. Thanks to the joint efforts, we will win, we will cope with this disease, together we will be able to”, - she said.
 Forum participants were also welcomed by the Chairman of the public organization «Medical Association of the Chuvash Republic» Vladimir Viktorov, dean of the medical faculty of the Ulyanov Chuvash State University Valentina Diomidova. The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Interregional Public Movement «Movement Against Cancer» Nikolay Dronov (Moscow) said his welcoming speech to the forum participants as well.
The forum became the center of discussion of topical issues related to early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. Lydia Voropaeva, head physician of the Republican Clinical Oncologic Dispensary, spoke about the prospects of development of oncologic service in Chuvashia. The Forum program included a discussion of the organization of social and psychological rehabilitation of patients with cancer, screening and early diagnosis of breast cancer, cervical cancer prevention. Round tables, master classes and health schools were also held on the most pressing issues of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer people.
“I can say flatly that I was a patient of the oncology clinic. And I do not feel shy to say this, maybe because I recovered or because this subject is widely supported and disclosed to the public, - a participant of the forum Nadezhda Andreeva shared her story. Psychological support is very important for patients diagnosed with cancer. Now I also work in the project “For the Sake of Life” in the Center of psychological support for women with cancer. I'm glad I can help people who are in a similar situation. Nothing in this life is in vain. One day when I was in another hospital I saw on TV a master class on polymer clay modellign and I was very much fascinated. My illness gave me hobby, my work, which now brings me great satisfaction and pleasure”.
 Let us recall that the Center of “For the Sake of Life” was opened on the basis of the Republican Clinical Oncologic Dispensary (Cheboksary, Gladkova Str., 31, 2nd floor) in March 2014. The Center also hosts health schools, master-classes, provides socio-psychological support to cancer patients. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 19.00, Saturday 9.00-15.00 Sunday - closed. Telephone for information: (8352) 62-96-50.