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Program of the 9th Forum Movement Against Cancer

08:00 - 09:00 - Registration of participants

February 4, 2016
Moscow, MIA “Russia Today”, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

With the participation of:

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Russian Association of Oncologists
Non-profit partnership “Equal Right to Life”
World Health Organization (WHO)
Medical and professional non-profit organizations
Associations for protection of citizens’ rights in healthcare


08:00-09:00 Registration of participants


09:00 Welcome address from the hosts of the Forum

Dmitry Borisov, Executive Director of NP “Equal Right to Life”, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Association of Oncologists


09:15 Opening of the Forum:

Irina Andreeva, Assistant Health Minister, Secretary of the Council for Protection of Patients’ Rights of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Presentation: "Greetings to the participants of the Forum from the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronica Skvortsova"

09:35 Michail Davydov, Chief Oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Director of N.N. Blokhin Russia Cancer Research Center of the Ministry of Health, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

9:45 Patient story: Maxim Antonenko

10:00 Nikolay Dronov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of IPM “Movement Against Cancer”, member of the Council of public organizations for the protection of patients' rights under the Russian Ministry of Health
Presentation: Collective appeal of participants of the Forum to the President of the Russian Federation

10:15 Irina Seregina, Deputy Head of the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Presentation: "The results of Roszdravnadzor supervisory activities in cancer care"

10:30 Alexander Belyaev, Professor, Chief oncologist of Northwestern Federal District, Director of N.N. Petrov Institute of Oncology
Presentation:“The concept of cancer control: the example of the experience of the Northwestern Federal District"

10:45 Denis Kurov, Head of the Group to work with citizens’ appeals of IPM “Movement Against Cancer”
Presentation: The presentation of the seventh edition of "White Book"

11:00 Tatyana Semiglazova, PhD, Senior researcher,  Deputy Head of the Department of Innovative methods of Medical Oncology at the  NN Petrov Institute of  Oncology
Presentation: "The physician and patient organizations - the road of a lifetime”

11:.15 Igor Khatkov, Chief oncologist of the Department of Health of Moscow, Director of Moscow Clinical Research Center of the Department of Health of Moscow
Presentation: " Moscow Oncology Service and its prospects"

11:30 David Melik-Guseinov, Director of the Research Institute of Health and medical management of the Moscow Health Department
Presentation: “Healthcare financial support in times of economic crisis and lack of resources"

11:45 Sergey Shinkarev, PhD, Head Physician of  Lipetsk Regional Cancer Center
Presentation: "Oncology Service in  Lipetsk region”

12:00 Samvel Shahsuvaryan, PhD, Professor, Senior research fellow of the Scientific and Methodological Center of the Federal medical and social assessment board of the Russian Labor Ministry
Presentation:“A comprehensive medical and social rehabilitation of patients with malignant tumors of the larynx”

12:15 Tatiana Yelmanova, Expert-consultant of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Noncommunicable diseases and social determinants of health
Presentation: to be confirmed

12:30 Marina Rumyantseva, Chairman of  St. Petersburg regional office of the IPM "Movement Against Cancer"
Presentation:Results of work with citizens’ appeals at the regional office of IPM “Movement Against Cancer”in St-Petersburg in 2015

12:45 Yuri Zhulev, Co-Chairman of All-Russian Patients’ Union, Co-chairman of the Council of public organizations for the protection of patients' rights under the Russian Ministry of Health, President of All-Russian charitable public organization "All-Russian Society of Hemophilia"
Presentation: “Public control in Healthcare”

11:00-12:30 Press-conference
Press-conference topic: National Cancer Program


Journalism Award Ceremony

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Round table discussion:  National Plan - a tool to increase the availability of new technologies for cancer treatment

14:00 Margarita Mitrofanova, TV and radio presenter
Presentation: to be confirmed

14:15 Alexander Rumyantsev, Professor, Chief pediatric hematologist of the Russian  Ministry of Health,  Director of the Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after Dmitry Rogachev
Presentation: “Children’s cancer care in Russia”

14:30 Alexander Karachunsky, Professor, Deputy Head of  the Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after Dmitry Rogachev, Director of the Institute of Oncology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Presentation: "Optimization of OLL therapy of children in Russia as a model for technology development and the establishment of scientific and clinical medicine in Russia"

14:45 Ekaterina Vorozheykina, PhD, Scientific adviser to the Medical Department of "R-Pharm"
Presentation: "High-tech medicines: from design to implementation into clinical practice"

15:00 Roza Yagudina, Professor, Deputy Head of Department of the organization of drug supply and pharmacoeconomics at the  I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
Presentation: “Pharmacoeconomics of innovative drugs in oncology"

15:15 Irina Poddubnaya, Professor, Vice-rector of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Presentation: to be confirmed

15:30 Ekaterina Chistyakova, Director of Charity Foundation to help children with hematologic and other diseases "Grant Life"
Presentation: "The availability of cancer care to children: participation of philantropists"

16:00 Сoffee-finish, Closing of the 9th Forum “Movement Against Cancer”