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Oncowatch in Ivanovo: Ivanovo women to pass free diagnostics of breast cancer

On February 7, the social campaign OncoWatch will start in Ivanovo, within the framework of this program women will be able to have a preventive examination for early detection of tumor pathologies of mammary gland. The event is timed to the World Cancer Day and organized with the assistance of Interregional Public Movement «Movement Against Cancer» and the support of Non-Commercial Partnership «Equal Right to Life». Experts will consult patients on February, 7, 14, 21, 28, from 9:00 to 16:00 by appointment made by phone: 8-800-200-2-200 (from 11.00 to 23.00).

Breast cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm in women, every twentieth female resident of Russia is subject to this pathology. In our country, breast cancer takes the 1st place in the structure of oncological morbidity in women. In 2013, there were more than 60 thousand new cases of malignant neoplasms, and the total number of patients with this diagnosis exceeded half a million women. Cancer is getting «younger» – more and more Russians of working age fall in the risk group. Ivanovo is no exception, each year about 500 women in Ivanovo oblast are shocked learning about her terrible diagnosis for the first time. However, breast cancer is not a death sentence, experts believe.
Now this is one of the most studied and successfully treatable pathologies, it is possible to stop and even completely eliminate it. This is evidenced by the encouraging statistics: in the UK, the five-year survival rate is 82%, in Finland - 86%, in the US - 90%. Similar high rates primarily indicate a high degree of oncological warning of the population in these countries. Therefore, interventions aimed at early diagnosis are becoming more and more demanded by the society.
OncoWatch in Ivanovo is a great opportunity for every woman over the age of 18 years to pass free preventive screening for precancerous and malignant diseases of the breast, to make mammography, ultrasound and get advice from an experienced specialist oncologist.
The doctors are sure: modern oncology with its medicinal, technical and intellectual resources has reached a level where you can speak not only about significant extension of life and improvement of its quality, but of a full recovery as well. The earlier a person learns his diagnosis, the more likely it is to save his/her own life, health and quality of life of his family.
Date and time: February 7, 14, 21 and 28, from 9:00 to 16:00
Places to undergo an examination:
1. Regional Budgetary Healthcare Establishment «Ivanovo Regional Oncological Center», Lyubimova Str., 5.
2. RBHE «Kineshma CRC», Kineshma, Sovetskaya Str., 15.
3. RBHE «Takovska CRC», Teykovo, 1-aya Krasnaya Str., 9.
4. RBHE «Shuiskaya CRC», Shuya, Metallistov Str., 1A.
5. RBHE «Furmanov CRC», Furmanov, Nizhny Dvor Str., 41.
6. RBHE «Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1», Ivanovo, Krasnykh Zor Str., 17/15.
7. RHBE «Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 3”, Ivanovo, Postysheva street, 57/3.
8. RHBE «Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 7», , Ivanovo, Voronina Str., 13.
9. RHBE «Ivanovo Clinical Hospital named after Kuvaevs», Ivanovo, Maltsev Str., 45.
10. RHBE «Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 4»,  Ivanovo, Shoshina Str., 8.

Pre-registration by Hotline phone of Non-Commercial Partnership «Equal Right to Life»
8-800-200-2-200 (from 11.00 to 23.00) is mandatory.

When visiting the doctor it is necessary to have the passport and the insurance policy.

Information for media:
Media representatives can also pass an examination within the framework of the campaign on general conditions. You can get more information in the press-center of the Non-Commercial Partnership «Equal Right to Life»: Anastasia Kozlova akoz@ag-loyalty.com, +7 (499) 788 92 12, or Tatiana Paracetomol tper@ag-loyalty.com, +7 (499) 788 92 12, + 7 (916) 332 76 42.