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On-line Patient School on Lung Cancer will take place on April, 28 at 5 pm (Moscow time)

On April 28 at 17:00 Moscow time to be held online Patient School dedicated to the modern tactics of treatment of malignant Lung tumors. Doctors, lawyers and psychologists will highlight the most relevant topics related to this disease, and participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and get advice on particular cases throughout the broadcast.

Access to webinar is available following the link:


 http://www.rakpobedim.ru/index.php?id=350 and at the time of online -School. 

Lung Cancer - one of the most serious health and social problems in the developed countries. It is one of the most aggressive cancers. As world statistics shows the 1st stage of the disease can be cured  in 70-75% of cases, while the third is only 12-15%.

In Russia, the prevalence of the disease is 39 cases per 100 000 population, and for the past 10 years this figure holds one of the leading positions. However, in recent years in the arsenal of doctors there are new effective treatment strategies for Lung Cancer, that you may learn during our online Patient School on April 28th. In addition, experts will talk about the features of psychological rehabilitation of patients, as well as legal and organizational aspects of healthcare and social protection. Each speaker at the end of his speech will give practical advice and answer questions of the audience. The school will be useful not only to patients, but also for all people whose friends or relatives are faced with cancer. 

Patient School Program: 

17:00 Opening.

17:10 "Modern tactics of treatment of malignant Lung tumors " -  P.Koposov, MD, Professor, oncologist,  Head of Oncology Department at EMC medical school (The European Medical Center).

17:40 "Psychological support for patients with lung cancer," – Irina Morkovkina, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Ph.D., Social programs coordinator at “Movement Against Cancer", Member of the Board of Trustees at Hertsen Moscow Oncology research Institute

18:00 "Organizational issues of healthcare and social protection of cancer patients" – Lidiya Moskvina, Executive Secretary of the Department of the Public Council for the Protection of the rights of patients at the Territorial Authority Roszdravnadzor for Moscow and the Moscow Region, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health in Moscow region.