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Moscow residents don’t need to provide a monthy payment certificate

The All-Russian Union of Patients received a response from the Moscow Health Department about the requirement to provide a monthly payment certificate from the Pension Fund (a monthly payment) to receive the discounted drugs (federal benefit recipients DLO and 7WZN). There is no need to provide the certificate (so far it concerns only Moscow).
The response to the inquiry reports that "the data of the persons entitled to receive state social assistance and not opted to receive social service are monthly delivered to the state budgetary health facility "Center of Drug Provision of the Department of Health of Moscow". All information is transmitted over a secure channel.
The need for annual submission to a medical organization by federal social security beneficiaries of a certificate confirming the right to receive social services is not relevant. After programmatic processing of personal data of patients the information is depersonalizeda and entered in the Unified Medical Information and Analytical System of the city of Moscow and is available for every medical organization. The Health Department of the city of Moscow this information communicated this information to the heads of medical organizations of the public health system of the city of Moscow".