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Experts have conducted the online "Patient's School" dedicated to the provision of high-tech medical care

On April 26, the online "Patient's School" was held dedicated to the organizational and legal issues of high-tech medical care (HTMC) provision; the administrative support to the event was provided by Roszdravnadzor Administration in Moscow and Moscow Region. The School was organized by the Public council for protection of patients' rights at Roszdravnadzor Administration in Moscow and Moscow Region and was held with methodological and organizational support rendered by non-profit partnership "Equal Right to Life" and interregional public movement "Movement Against Cancer".

During the School highly qualified specialists talked about the most important issues of receiving high-tech medical care. The interactive mode of the event allowed all interested people, regardless of region of residence, to watch the webcast and ask a question to highly skilled experts.

Maxim Vyacheslavovich Monakhov, head of department of government programs implementation in health care at Roszdravnadzor Administration in Moscow and Moscow Region spoke about the violations that occur in rendering HTMC. The expert identified as one of the most often violation those connected with breaching the order of rendering HTMC, violation in the maintenance of medical documentation and in preparation of protocols of medical facilities' commissions on HTMC, failure to meet deadlines set for review of documents to receive quotas for HTMC, demanding payment for tests, examinations and medical care in the presence of quota, incomplete compliance with the medical care quality standards. The lecturer said that in 2011 the agency received 71 appeals; each of them has been answered. Against the facts of appeals 53 inspections were carried out. With regard to nosology, most often appeals are connected with oncology (17 %), followed by cardiovascular surgery (15 %).

Head of the specialized medical care department at Roszdravnadzor Administration in Moscow Sergei Viktorovich Piddubrivnyi described the procedure to obtain quota for HTMC. The lecturer also spoke about the monitoring of the processing of "Voucher for rendering HTMC" using an electronic portal of the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development talon.rosminzdrav.ru.

Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of interregional public organization "Society for assistance to patients with haematological malignancies", head of Expert Group on HTMC of the Council of public organizations for protection of patients' rights at Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development Elena Vladimirovna Sorokina told about the proposals of patient communities on HTMC development. She noted that procedures and standards for HTMC rendering should include such criteria as timeliness and completeness of care for patients with such diagnoses when the delay in treatment leads to patients' condition worsening and poor prognosis; the continuity and comprehensiveness of treatment starting from diagnosis, possible complications and other conditions in the course of treatment. The presenter also pointed to the need to consider the inclusion or exclusion of certain types of HTMC based on their innovative characteristics, complexity, uniqueness, required resources, scientifically proven effectiveness and popularity – with a preliminary wide public discussion among professionals with the involvement of patients communities.

Experts were asked a lot of questions, relating to waiting times for HTMC, quality of care, facts of violations and other important aspects. Each participant of "Patient's School" received a qualified answer to his/her question; cases requiring special attention were taken for further study by the Public council for protection of patients' rights at Roszdravnadzor Administration in Moscow and Moscow Region.

Video of the School will be available on the websites:

"Patient's Schools means not only the most current information, but also a dialogue between patients and professionals. Thanks to the online format everyone can participate in these events without leaving home. In my view the most important thing is that through the feedback people can get clear answers to their questions of concern, on the other hand experts can reveal disadvantages of the existing system and the problems that must be solved first of all", – commented Dmitry Alexandrovich Borisov, chairman of the Public council for protection of patients' rights at Roszdravnadzor Administration in Moscow and Moscow Region and executive director of the non-profit partnership "Equal Right to Life".